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What others say about Nancy Stafford's
Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

Amazon reader review       
"After reading your book...(my) heart is lighter than it's been in years. There was so much you wrote that I was able to connect with--from families that were "different" than the others, to hatred for my body, to not appreciating my uniqueness, to feelings of unworthiness..... all this garbage was playing over and over again and kept me from being the daughter He created me to be. Wow. Thanks so much for hearing and obeying in the writing of this book!" donna (Memphis, TN)

"Honest, transparent, and liberating…speaks gently to a woman's deepest heart's cry.."- Michelle McKinney Hammond, author of "Secrets of an Irresistible Woman"

"One of the most valuable Christian books to be published in decades…it is for every man who has ever ost his job and, with it, his identity. It's for every woman whose identity and self worth are bound up in her looks. In short, it's for anyone who defines himself, or allows herself to be defined by others, based upon appearance, talent, or achievements.

Nancy ..…becomes so transparent that she virtually becomes a window through which the reader can see the face of the Lord. And it just doesn't get any better than that.

Nancy ... invites us into her life – behind the scenes, behind the cameras, behind her public image – and risks being vulnerable for our sake, so that we, whether man or woman, may "grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge" (Eph. 3:18-19)." - Review by Ron Brackin, Special Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

"Nancy's story builds us a bridge to connect the inside and the outside. The result is the revelation of a beauty that will heal."- Henry Cloud, Ph.D.
Changes That Heal and Boundaries

Amazon reader review       
"When you read this book, most of you will think Nancy Stafford was living in your home when you were growing up and is still listening to your thoughts. ...Her chapter "What are you doing?" sure addressed my guilty feelings of taking time for myself. Most of us feel guilty if we are not busy every minute of the day and night. Pour yourself a glass of iced tea, pick up Nancy's book and see yourself as God sees you--remember you were created in God's image and He doesn't make junk!"
Chris L. Neal (Southern California)

"Like Mary who sat at the feet of the Master, drinking in His presence, Nancy knows how to get you on your knees weeping before the Lord….You will thirst for more of Him. In her soft, yet very honest style, Nancy depicts God's incredible love, His forgiveness, and His great purpose for you. You will gain hope and freedom as you grasp your new identity in Jesus Christ.

As she brings you closer to the Cross, you will be brought closer to your true self: forgiven…valued…in need of a Savior to take your burdens…free from cultural definitions of beauty."- Review by Laura Bagby, Producer

" …full of deep spiritual truths that mothers and daughters everywhere should experience together."- Debby Boone, vocalist and author of "Bedtime Hugs for Little Ones"

Amazon review
"Stafford took her heart and spread it on the pages of this book...She knows what it feels like to be rejected based on looks. She also has felt the pressure of being accepted just on what is on the outside.   Her story is laced with truth, wisdom, understanding and raw emotions. If you have ever struggled about how to be a woman of excellence in this society, this book will serve as the key that you have been looking for to unlock the bolt on your heart. It will release you to love God for who He has created you to be. Buy this book for yourself and one for someone you love!" - Karen Hidden Garwood

"… great heart, humor, and personal humility. Every woman will find herself somewhere in these pages…a must-read for women of all ages."- Melody Green, author, speaker, and contemporary Christian songwriter

"If only all women would embrace the amazing truths in Beauty by the Book!" - P. B. Wilson, author of Seven Secrets Women Want to Know

Amazon review
A Bridge between a woman's heart and God's word
"...So many young women want to talk about this topic! The intertwining of the essence of beauty with the truth of the Bible provides a wonderful bridge (for) women who are trying to figure out what words like faith and spirituality mean for them and the truths of the Bible. It makes the Christian life so applicable to people who are seeking God!" - Elizabeth (North Carolina)

"Nancy's ability to focus on true inner beauty, in the midst of a culture that bombards us with beauty that's only 'skin deep,' was completely refreshing." - Kim Hill, contemporary Christian recording artist

"I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! I have been working out of it for the LAST YEAR--I take it with me everywhere!! Your  book is vital for us women as we daily face struggles, distractions, attacks on our self worth ESPECIALLY in the Entertainment Industry...thanks for helping me get grounded and centered in Christ through your book."
Michele Suh, Director of Hollywood Connect

Amazon review
A Must Read
I heard Nancy speak on Focus on the Family and I immediately identified with her. ... I still have a long way to go, but this book has given me hope that there IS light at the end of the tunnel. ..This book touched me deeply and I cried many times as I read. A life changing and powerful book." - A reader

‘I have been struggling for 6 years with an eating disorder.... One day in the hospital, a lady from church came to visit me, who knew my struggle.....she brought me your book. Your book has given me hope....not you, but God in you has given me hope. i know my eating disorder is not cured....but I know my heart is in the process of being renewed-- renewed in the likeness of Christ.....renewed to see me how he truly sees me. My joy has been robbed, my flame has been dim....but I have a new hope and a new focus....a new heart which seeks after Christ. thank you for your vulnerability and openness. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring--- however, I know Who brings it....and I know how I am going to approach it--with selflessness and hope, to take my focus off of myself and onto my Savior. Thank you for calling me out on that. I needed that.” - Anonymous

Amazon review
Healing and Hope
"As a young Christian....I too struggle with many of the self-worth issues that Nancy addresses in this wonderful book. I found immense healing and hope in this book. Nancy's honesty draws you nearer to her story and her struggles. Her hope sheds light on a topic so often "swept under the rug," even by women. I am sending a copy to all of the women in my life." - A reader

“Your book has had a transforming effect in my life, my relationship with God, and my attitude towards physical beauty. I cried the first time I read it and now that I am reading it for the second time, the words that are inscribed on each page are carefully being inscribed in my heart. Thank you Ms. Stafford for your obedience to and love for God and for the love you have for yourself and others around you. Jesus' healing hand and love has been extended to me through your words.”- Annie-Laurie M.

Amazon review
"I am not a Christian, but I found much to identify with as a woman in Beauty by the Book. This is a must-read for women of all faiths -- for any and all women who ever asked: Am I pretty enough? Am I smart enough? Am I good enough? Nancy Stafford shows us that the answer is a resounding YES once we learn to look beyond the exterior face and body the world sees, and focus on the inner beauty that lies within each and every one of us." - Sharlene Glassman (Sunrise, FL USA)

“I am beginning to understand who I am in the Lord.  All thanks to your book!  There have been many authors to write on the subject of discovering God's love inside our hearts and how our Loving Father truly sees us, but you seem to have been able to communicate it in a way that is totally relatable and therefore it really has been able to penetrate my soul... I was able to open your book and connect with you right away (and) relate to you on a deep level.  I have had many hours of therapy... but through much prayer and reading your book, I have been shown how to take the next step forward in my faith.  I believe that you have helped me to grow up in my walk with God.  I have been a Christian for ten years now and I don't think I ever really let the Word and the Holy Spirit penetrate my heart.  I believed with my head more than I believed in my heart.. I look at things differently, I ... look at myself and say, "I forgive you."  With the help of the prayers in your book, I could form the sentences necessary to pray to my God for His love and forgiveness... Now, I feel free!”  - J.H., Riverside, CA

Amazon review
"(as an actress myself) I appreciate the fact that someone who knows the 'Industry' is so grounded spiritually in Christianity and has been able to maintain it and still be successful as an actress.   Your book and prayers have become part of my morning meditation and prayer time." - Lenae Raspa

“I am a seventeen year old young woman whose life has forever been changed by the beautiful book you have written called, "Beauty by the Book". As a little girl I was sexually abused and have always been insecure. I've always been so guarded and have built so many walls.  Then, one day while out at a Christian bookstore I came across your book... As I began reading it I found myself beginning on this journey of emotional and spiritual healing! Your book has been more than a blessing! It has been a reminder of God's perfect love. I know that the Lord has truly healed my broken heart and is putting back the pieces. His perfect love casts out fear and in it there is no room for insecurity! Thank you so much for helping me to start to see myself as my loving Father sees me.”   L.B.

Beauty by the Book Study Guide—FREE—Just download and print

So many of you have requested additional material based on Beauty by the Book, so I’ve developed this easy-to-download Study Guide, for you to use on your own or with a small group, such as your prayer or Bible study group, or college or high school girls group. Use this study to dig deeper and spend some time in honest reflection with God.

(Download PDF Here)
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What others say about Nancy Stafford's Beauty by the Book Study Guide

“ I am a senior in college and started a Biblical discussion group in my sorority. Having your Bible Study Guide online and your book (Beauty by the Book) in my had has helped me in my preparation for our group. Thank you so much for making that resource available online.... the conversations that have come out of this series have been unbelievable. So many girls want to talk about this topic!” - Sarah Conley, Duke University