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What others say about Nancy Stafford's
The Wonder of His Love

Amazon review
“...One week into reading this book, I was so moved that I began to give it away to others -- and the list of intended recipients is growing. I am extremely selective.... Something that I commit to reading on a regular basis must have immense value. I have a Master of Divinity degree, spent a number of years in pastoral ministry, and have reflected deeply on Scripture and spiritual matters... The author manages to convey profound truths with simplicity, elegance and beauty. It is rare to find a book that says this much so powerfully... This is truly a work of verbal art. The author gently leads the reader on an inspired journey...I can speak from personal experience: My heart is being penetrated anew and my soul is being fed with the wonderful revelation of God's lavish and amazing love. Very few books have touched me both this quickly and this deeply... I truly believe that this book has the makings of a classic. Read it with anticipation!” - Donna Brewington White, MinDiv

“I was going to wait until I finished your book before emailing you but I couldn't wait.  I am so enjoying including you and your book in my morning times with the Lord.  What a gift of writing you have.  And what a blessing the book is. I honestly don't often throw praise around so lavishly but your little chapters impacted my soul like nothing else has in a long time.”  - Mark Fee

“...We lost our son as a result of injuries he sustained in Iraq. I am in the third chapter of the book, and feeling so very overwhelmed with His love. I was so focused on my pain this morning, I felt so angry and hurting so deeply, I picked up the book and God himself came to minister to me. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to me.” - C. M.

"The Testimonies come in more all the time. (Wonder of His Love) has evidently changed (one friend's) life to bring her out of a funk, and another friend was so depressed and defeated and skeptical that everyone gave up on her, and she has done a total turnaround since reading your book. See how God is using your book in multiple ways you don't even know about!" - G.M.

“ I am still praying (and crying) my way through "Wonder..." and loving every minute of it.   You have expressed so many of my own thoughts and prayers in this book that I can't help but see His hand.  I believe He is using this to usher me into a new level of growth.  I am convinced that every woman needs to read this book...(it is written) in such a way that even non-Christians would  read it if it was given to them. I just ordered 10 copies from to give as gifts to other women and when those run out I'll be back to get more. I would like to try to keep one with me at all times ready to give as the opportunity arises. What a perfect evangelical tool!”
- Edie Moore

 “Mother’s Day, my daughter sent me your wonderful book! As I began reading it, I could hear your voice coming through loud and clear as you told your personal stories in each chapter.  I was touched—even moved to tears—so many times by your stories which often sounded so similar to my own or to the lives of close friends. I’ll be recommending your book highly...and think...that every woman (who reads it) will...know more fully how much our wonderful God loves her. Thank you.”  - Kathie Quarles
“There is no higher value in life than experiencing the love of God, for everything else flows from that. Nancy not only explains the way, but she also paints a picture of the path for us to follow. I highly recommend this book. “
-John Townsend, PH.D, radio host, and co-author of the best-selling Boundaries and How People Grow

Amazon reader review
“This book is quite extraordinary...(it) has been like a spiritual booster shot; it has helped me come to grips with some spiritual struggles that I have been experiencing for some time. I am extremely grateful...for this book..I cannot recommend (it) highly enough.”
- Dr. William F. Hennessey, IV

A Devotional for Such a Time as This: “ When I received a copy of Nancy Stafford’s first devotional, I was eager to dive into it, my expectations high after her previous Beauty by the Book. And I’ve no doubt that everyone who has heard her speak at their church, college, association or corporation will feel the same. But The Wonder of His Love should be read one day at a time, rather than gulped down in a sitting or two. It is meant to be sipped and savored, rolled around on the tongue and in the heart and spirit.

Unlike the recent spate of self-help literature, the eyes of this little book are fixed upon the face of our Father. And every day, when it tears itself away, it anxiously gathers together the best images it can find so it can share with the reader what it has seen.

The original experiences, of course, belong exclusively to Nancy. The best we can hope for is an echo or reflection. But they are more than enough to urge our eyes heavenward to find a vision of our own. That’s the power of The Wonder of His Love. It makes us wonderfully jealous to know Him much much better.

The Wonder of His Love humbly and gently instructs anyone who is hungry for more of God. Page by page, Nancy Stafford graciously invites us into and leads us through her own quiet place. Day by day, she presents us to the One she so dearly loves and who desperately loves her. We dare to believe that He loves us the same way.

My only criticism is that the book ends after only 31 days.”
- Ron Brackin, ASSIST News Service Review

Amazon reader review
"... a truly beautiful book by a writer who is fast becoming one of my favorites. Nancy Stafford has managed to convey a sense of wonder about God that applies to everyone. Reading her book brought me to a place of thankfulness that God loves me, warts and all. And how many warts I have! But that's the wonder of this book. It helps me to see myself a little more as God sees me and that's an incredible gift. Nancy’s message of unconditional love and hope is something everyone needs to read. This book will make a wonderful gift to yourself and others who need to know God's love. Nancy is a gifted writer...." - Carmen Leal
“In 31 meditations, Stafford calls upon the beauty of nature as well as the sacrifice of Christ to persuade readers of God's inexhaustible love for them. Drawing upon various writers, but especially inklings such as C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and Charles Williams, Stafford makes her way through the glory and the transformative power of God's love. Her writing style is dramatic and showy, yet conversational. Readers will appreciate her patient meditation on Christian freedom, and her perceptive understanding of the gap that exists between knowing one's sins are forgiven and being able to feel forgiven.”
- Review in Publishers Weekly

 “THE WONDER OF HIS LOVE is like a warm embrace from God Himself.”
-Beth Moore, Author and Publisher

“The Bible tells us "God is love," yet very few people act like they understand it or live like they believe it. The Wonder of His Love is an amazing book that will help anyone discover God's awesome love and radically change the way you live in his love. If you think God is not on your side, is not doing everything he can to show you his love..just read this book.”
- Stephen Arterburn, Founder of New Life Ministries and coauthor of Every Man’s Battle

 “This is a cozy book you will want to have at your bedside. Imagine how wonderful the day would be if you woke to some whispered reminder of how dear you were to the heart of God. Imagine how peaceful the night would be if you went to sleep with a kiss of that reminder on your forehead. These are the tender mercies this soft-spoken book has to offer."
- Ken Gire, author of Moments with the Savior, Windows of the Soul, The Divine Embrace

 “The Wonder of His Love deeply touched my heart, energized my spirit with hope, and helped me to fall in love with God all over again!”
- Sunmee Choi, Total Living Network

“You have nailed so many powerful and honest truths. I commend you on getting to the point in tender, tough, and revealing ways. Bravo!”
- Barbara Dodge